Svensk Briard & Picard vinnarutställning

Svensk Briard- och Picardvinnare
År 2020

Svensk Briard- & Picardspecial: 23/5 -2020
Evenemang och Svensk Briard- & Picardspecial samt träning och happenings weekend 21-24/5-2020 i Västerås på Nordic Camping!
Helgen kommer bjuda på olika evenemang, Unghundbeskrivning/extriörbeskrivning, Vår rasspecial, tävling och härligt umgänge i Briardens & Picardens tecken.
BOKA UPP HELA HELGEN för detta fina evenemang!

Utställningen hålls i Västerås - Boka boende nu!

Utställningen kommer att hålla i Västerås, i anslutning till Västerås Mälarcamping - Nordic Camping & Resort. DET GÅR EJ PRELIMINÄRBOKA boende såsom exempelvis tidigare år inför Bäst i Väst, så deltagare ombes boka så snart som möjligt för att inte gå miste om boende! 

Domarpresentation - Jan de Gids

Got my first dog when I was 8 years old. He was an English springer spaniel Only a pet, my parents bought without a pedigree. After my military service I met my wife. She was very much into the love for pedigree dogs and however she did not possess one she was a regular visitor at the Dutch dog shows. We both got a liking for a French Shepherd dog, the Beauceron. So we imported our first from France in 1975. The last one we had together with a Shorthair Dutch Shepherd dog bitch (20 kg less in weight than the beauceron). I was one of the founders of the Dutch Beauceron club in 1977. Was their treasurer, secretary, president and so on for over a period of almost thirty years. Also tried to become a breeder, but we were not very successful in that field. Our first litter in 1979 was excellent, but later on hipdyplasia and other genetic problems made us decide to stop breeding. I was a co-writer of an extensive book about the beauceron. Of course it’s in Dutch, so the public for the book is fairly small, nevertheless it’s already reprinted for the third time. I Did my first judges exam in 1985. I passed for the Picardy Shepherd Dog, another French breed. I went on doing breed exams, but it took 25 years to be a group judge for FCI 1, the shepherd dogs. In the meantime I also passed for a few related breeds in group 2. A few years ago I decided to end this time of doing breed exams. I hope to enjoy being a dog show judge still for a good many years, but making sure to stay informed about ins and outs of all the breeds I am qualified for is a vast task. I judged briards all over Europe, the USA and Canada. Since I am retired time is no problem anymore. The children have left the nest so we can spend all our time on our hobbies. The one I neglect is working in my small city garden. Reading (old fashioned paper books and with an e-reader) I still do. As is listening to classical music.


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